Where is the VIP Area?


will open in new tab when you click and will ask you a username and password

How and where may I have access to VIP Area?

With a simple subscription, here

Why is there a separate VIP Area?

We could not and cannot publish many of the videos as they may be only for “adults” / “adults only”

How may I know about this site´s being secure and my membership´s being safe if I go on?

This site is secure, legal and obliged to be fit and free of any harm to anybody for sure. There is not third party software or any other kind of malware in it. It does not distribute any harmful or not safe program and or it does NOT support, promote or distribute any illegal stuff. All content and everything in this site is fully legal, controlled by third parties and we use to protect minors from “adult material” (mostly hardcore inside) and to give access to these kind of videos or the “unseen, uncut” part of the tour page videos, only to adults we use CCBill to protect our VIP Area (we put all the uncensored stuff there). CCBill is a third party (trusted for over 20 years, rather big and famous, a solid) company. They are our user managers and do all the user management for us. Also our payment processor for adults to prove that they are really adults and willing to enter VIP Area.

You can contact CCBill here, manage your VIP Area Subscription and get support as you wish.

To declare the Terms and Conditions of using this site, we put here all the legal stuff for your convenience.

Who runs this site?

This site is running by KISSES TECHNOLOGY, which is a European Technology, Media, Blockchain and Advertising Company.

How may I contact you?

You can use the contact form, anytime to contact us.